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Chussy International is a partner and reseller of

Our Philosophy:
   Chussy International believes in partnering with its customers in achieving their technological and other supplies goals. We believe that when we share (our) in the mission statement and core values of (the) an organization, (it enables organization to determine the needs of its customers and be able to serve them better) we can better serve the organization's needs.

We do this by constantly reviewing different product lines, assessing their capabilities and quality values to (and be able to) better determine its ability to meet unique customer needs strategically.

We are able to extend our discounts to our customers and as such are able to beat the best competition. We provide the best quality products to our customers at the best available price in the market.

Customer Needs:
Customer satisfaction is paramount to Chussy International's existence. We strive to achieve the highest quality product supplies that meet our customer's needs and at the lowest price available in the market. We recognize that each customers needs are unique and our experts work relentlessly to ensure that each customers needs are customized to meet their needs at the lowest available price with high consideration for quality. With online, real-time data, and secure data updates, our Sourcing and Product Development Solution helps you increase productivity throughout your supply chain on time and at a reduced price.

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